Lake Tahoe Conifers

Cabin Cruiser


Tahoe National Forest, Highway 49
Entering Tahoe National Forest HWY 49
Sierra City, Union Flat Campground, Yuba River, Tahoe National Forest, Hilleberg Tent
Union Flat Camp on the Yuba River
Sierra Buttes, Tahoe National Forest, Toyota Tacoma TRD, Santa Cruz Bullit, Downieville, Sierra City, USFS Forest Road 93
Sierra Buttes
1FZ-FE, Inline-6, FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser 1993
National Forest Cruiser
hopper gas Porsche Spyder James Dean
Purveyor of Fine Petrochemicals
Sierra Buttes, National Forest 93. Tahoe National Forest, Downieville, Sierra City, Not Recommended, 4WD Only,
No Cadillac Eldorados on Forest Roads
Downieville is in the heart of the Tahoe National Forest on Highway 49, gold country, fine fir forests, the raging Yuba River. Miles of Forest Service roads and historic trails for driving, mountain biking, motorcycles and hiking. The mighty Serra Buttes tower over the town of Sierra City and the Lakes Recreation Area, including many fine lakes for fishing and boating.

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